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Einsiedeln is located in the heart of Central Switzerland close to Zurich. The Benedictine Abbey of Einsiedeln is the most important baroque building in Switzerland. Since the Middle Ages the Chapel of Our Lady with the famous «Black Madonna» is one of the most important pilgrimage places in Europe.

A monk called "Meinrad" went to this region to live as hermit. After his violent death in 861, a Chapel was built at the site of his hermitage. This is the origin of the city’s name, which means hermitage.

The history of the Benedictine Abbey dates back to 934, when a monastic community was founded at the place of St. Meinrad’s hermitage. The pilgrimage to Our Lady of Einsiedeln and her miraculously dedicated Chapel developed in the subsequent centuries and attracted pilgrims from all over Europe.

In 1466, the present statue of the Madonna was brought to Einsiedeln and the place became the most important marian shrine in Switzerland and a place of worship, hospitality and culture.

In 1704, the cut of the spade for the current baroque buildings of the abbey was taken. The magnificent baroque abbey church was consecrated in 1735.

Even today, the abbey is the home of a vital monastic community following the Rule of Saint Benedict. The monks teach at the Abbey School with about 350 students, serve in several parishes, and are available for the spiritual needs of the pilgrims.

Einsiedeln offers many attractions, such as the show cheese factory «Milchmanufaktur», the two ski jumping platforms, the gingerbread and mineral museums, or the Diorama and Panorama. In summer, the region is a paradise for hiking, biking or simply relaxing. Lake Sihl is popular for swimming, wind surfing, sailing, fishing or a cruise aboard "MS Angelika". People who love to be active will enjoy winter. Einsiedeln is a cross country skiing paradise and offers all kind of winter sports such as skiing, sledding and snowshoeing and walking. Traditions, culture, and sport are very important and always play a central role in numerous events.

Hospitality has a long tradition in Einsiedeln. The village with its many diverse shops, cafés and restaurants is ideal for leisurely strolls combined with good food and friendly encounters.

Some facts about Einsiedeln

What’s special about the pilgrimage of Einsiedeln?

Shrine of Einsiedeln

The statue of the "Black Madonna" was brought to Einsiedeln in 1466 and replaced a former roman statue which was destroyed during a fire in 1465. Since the 17th century the late-gothic style Madonna is dressed with beautifully handcrafted dresses.

Pilgrimage history

"Engelweihe" ist the feast of the dedication of the Chapel of Our Lady. It refers to a legendary event in the year 934, according to which Christ, in the company of many angels and saints, consecrated the chapel at the site of St. Meinrad's hermitage. "Engelweihe" is celebrated every year on the 13th and 14th of september.

Special pilgrimage days

Special feast days in Einsiedeln are January 21st (Solemnity of St. Meinrad), July 16th  with the following Sunday (Solemnity of Our Lady of Einsiedeln), August 15th  (Assumption of Mary - Patronal Feast of the Abbey Church) and the first Sunday in October (Rosary-Sunday). Information on the liturgical services on www.kloster-einsiedeln.ch.

Benedictine Abbey

Even today, the abbey is the home of a vital monastic community following the Rule of Saint Benedict. The monks teach at the Abbey School with about 350 students.

Top 12 events
  1. Carnival in January and February
  2. Cross-Country Skiing Competition February
  3. Cultural summer June to August
  4. Organ concerts in July and August
  5. FIS Ski Jumping Grand Prix August
  6. Music Festival Einsiedeln August
  7. Sihlsee-run August
  8. "Engelweihe" Kloster Einsiedeln 14th September
  9. Bettagsritt September
  10. Iron Bike Race September
  11. Hiesigi choched Hiesig / Local Food Market November
  12. Christmas Market December
Top 5 sights in Einsiedeln

What to visit

  1. Monastery Einsiedeln
  2. Abbey Chapel with the Chapel of Our Lady
  3. Stiftsbibliothek – abbey library
  4. Show cheese factory «Milchmanufaktur»
  5. Ski Jumps Einsiedeln
Top 5 Excursions from Einsiedeln

Up to 2 hours driving time

  1. Hoch Ybrig (20 Min.)
  2. Zürichsee mit Rapperswil / Lake Zurich with Rapperswil (30 Min.)
  3. Zürich (45 Min)
  4. Lucerne (50 Min.)
  5. Rigi-Station (30 Min.)
Travelling to Einsiedeln

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