The monastery in Einsiedeln, a place where faith, history, culture and the present coexist

The monastery in Einsiedeln is a unique place on the map of Switzerland and Europe, one of the most important stops on the Way of St. Jacob. Pilgrims come here to worship Our Lady of Einsiedeln and tourists who want to learn about the history of this centuries-old place where monks of the Benedictine rule live and work. Every year, Einsiedeln is a destination for pilgrimages and visits by approximately 800,000 visitors.

Einsiedeln Monastery with the Abbey and Cathedral Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint. Mauritius is an exemplary Benedictine abbey, home to approximately forty monks, and has been a place of culture, education and meetings for over a thousand years.

The history of the abbey began with Meinrad of Einsiedeln. Born around 800, Meinrad became a monk and later was ordained a priest. Seeking isolation, in 828 he founded a hermitage in the Swiss forest of Einsiedeln, which, after his tragic death in 861, was inhabited by hermits for 80 years, and then an abbey and a church in Einsiedeln were built in its place. According to legend, the church was consecrated in 948 personally by Jesus Christ in honor of his mother Mary. This was the beginning of the tradition of pilgrimages to the Chapel of the Savior, which evolved into Marian pilgrimages in the Middle Ages. The oldest preserved mention of a pilgrimage to Einsiedeln comes from the beginning of the 14th century, but pilgrimages were certainly made here earlier.

The history of the monastery and society are therefore intertwined in over a thousand years of history. In addition to the basic tasks of running the monastery, organizing services, religious and cultural events, the monks also run a monastery school, a gymnasium (collegiate school) and educate students in various crafts, as well as various monastic enterprises.

The wonderful, spacious baroque complex was constructed in accordance with the Benedictine rule, according to which the monastery should contain everything necessary for everyday functioning. There has been a monastery library here for hundreds of years, documenting the lives of monks and containing unique descriptions of past eras, customs and customs. In addition, the monastery runs the largest private music library in Switzerland, containing works dating back to the 10th century. It is a tradition to breed horses, known in Europe as "Cavalli della Madonna", which were used for logging, agriculture and transport.
Large numbers of visitors regularly listen to concerts and musical presentations taking place in the monastery church and in the large monastery hall. A special attraction are the famous organ concerts taking place in July and August.

During the holidays, the monks invite men aged 18 to 35 for a summer stay at the monastery, during which participants get to know monastic life from the inside, learn more about the monks' way of life, and learn about their culture and art.

A visit to Einsiedeln - one of the most picturesque monasteries in Switzerland, will give you the opportunity to learn about life behind the monastery walls, to truly touch the history, culture and traditions of this place, but also to better understand the history and traditions of the town of Einsiedeln and its community.

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