New website of the Shrines of Europe Association

Welcome to the new website of the Shrines of Europe Association, where you will find information about the cities - sanctuaries of Europe - the most important centers of Marian worship on the Old Continent.

Who we are?

An association of 7 cities - sanctuaries: Częstochowa, Lourdes, Ourém-Fátima, Altötting, Loreto, Einsiedeln, Mariazell, which have joined together and form a group of the most important Marian centers on the European continent. Our cooperation has been going on for over 25 years. During this time, we have managed to implement many interesting initiatives and joint projects. We want our Association to develop and be visible to the general public.

Although we come from 7 different countries: Poland, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy, we have a lot in common, and the presence of sanctuaries makes us unique destinations for tourists and pilgrims from around the world.

What is our goal?

Our goal is to encourage you to get to know and visit our places better. To show the best of our cities and regions.

For whom?

For everyone! Because Shrines are modern places, adapted to visiting guests. These are hospitable and open cities that offer many opportunities. These are the cities where millions of people from all over the world head every year, going to the sanctuaries of the Mother of God in search of space for prayer and concentration. Shrines of Europe are historically and culturally rich places that have entered the past of their countries and the importance and value of their religious and historical heritage goes beyond the borders of their countries.

Our offer is wide and meets the expectations of our visitors. In addition to places of worship, we are proud to offer visitors the beauty of nature, picturesque landscapes, unique monuments, the opportunity to visit interesting places and meet positive people. Shrines are the art of native artists, music of local bands, traditional regional gastronomy. Shrines offer a wide range of outdoor activities: climbing, skiing, hiking, swimming in the sea and much more. It looks inviting, doesn't it?

If you love traveling or are still looking for a place worth visiting, if you like to discover interesting places, participate in unique events, learn about the traditions and culture of other countries - we encourage you to visit our website regularly, where we will publish fresh information from all our seven cities.

Feel invited!

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