Shrines of Europe collective photography exhibition

Cities of pilgrimage faith - heritage of silence and peace

At the end of the Shrines of Europe working meeting on march 4th 2020, the new collective photography exhibition, a project of the Shrines of Europe group, was inaugurated at the Fátima tourism information centre next to the Shrine.

With the presence of the Mayor of Ourém-Fátima Luís Miguel Albuquerque, the Vice Mayor of Ourém-Fátima Natalio Reís and the Rector of the Shrine Father Carlos Cabecinhas as well as the Mayor of Altötting, Herbert Hofauer and the technical working team of the Shrines of Europe group, the exhibition was officialy inaugurated and will be visible until 20th May 2020.

Each of the 7 member cities is represented by 5 impressive photos representing the following topics:

- The Shrine

- Expressions of faith

- Pilgrimage

- Culture and Tradition

- The city architecture

The history of each Shrine as wel as the photographers are highlighted. The collective photography exhibition shows similarities as well as differences between these 7 European Shrines that are known world-wide. The exhibition is designed as a travelling exhibition that will visit each municipality of the Shrines of Europe group in 2020 - 2022.