7 out of 7 - our new series on social media

You certainly remember the childhood puzzle "spot the difference", where two pictures or photographs that are identical at first glance differ in a few details. Looking for details is quite a challenge, and finding small differences gives exceptional satisfaction and guarantees pleasant entertainment, and at the same time we engage our gray cells and exercise our brain. So there are only benefits from such fun - it's pleasant and useful.
What if we reversed the rules and looked for similarities? Find what unites, not what divides? That would definitely be exciting too, right?

That's why we offer you our new series, the first part of which is now available on the "Shrines of Europe" Facebook profile. "7 out of 7" is a search for places and attractions that can be seen in each of our 7 cities. Despite our different languages, traditions and histories, we have a lot in common. We will be happy to show it to you.

We start with the history that we decided to tell you about, presenting the history of the castles located in our towns and regions. They witnessed the creation of these places and, to some extent, determined their character.
See the castle in Olsztyn near Częstochowa, built on a limestone hill, get to know the 15th-century Castelo de Ourém, or Kloster Einsiedeln, which resembles a fortress in its architecture. Visit with us the Château Fort in Lourdes, towering over the city, or the impressive Gradara Castle near Loreto. Be amazed by the huge Burghausen near Altotting, or the Austrian Brandhof near Mariazell.
Medieval strongholds, unconquered fortresses, estates of kings, former residences of the most powerful - all of them have become permanently embedded in the landscape. Despite the passage of time and the fact that their original hosts are no longer in power, these unique buildings, often still hiding many secrets, still proudly dominate the horizon.

Nowadays, castle buildings house museums, sometimes restaurants or hotels, and galleries. Castles are a wonderful background for many outdoor events: concerts, performances and even sports competitions.

Visit them all with us by visiting the Shrines of Europe profile on FB and get to know our new series "7 out of 7", which will certainly inspire you to travel more than once.

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