On a bike maybe?

On a bike maybe?

Celebrated on June 3, World Bicycle Day promotes this means of transport as: unique, simple, accessible, reliable and environmentally friendly. It would be a really great idea to go to one of the Shrines of Europe cities on two wheels. Or maybe to everyone? Even better! It all depends on your skills and willingness. I guarantee that whoever goes to the cities of Shrines by bike will choose this means of transport in the future.

Austria's Mariazell presents a rich offer for bicycle lovers. It doesn't matter if you are a tourist who, together with your family, thanks to the bicycle, rests from the city hustle and bustle, speeding along the routes among the forests and thus "absorbing" the atmosphere of the place. Or have you been training for a long time and cycling is a way of life, a passion, a life for you... Whether you're riding recreationally to the Erlaufsee lake or sportingly to pastures in the mountain Bürgeralpe - the Mariazeller Land region offers everything that cyclists are interested in, regardless of age, skill and level of advancement. For "more relaxed" cyclists, the Traisentalweg cycle path invites you to a cozy trip from Mariazell to St. Pölten – can be combined with a ride on the Mariazellerbahn!

You can cycle through the forests, among the limestones of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, whose paths lead to the very center of Częstochowa, near the Jasna Góra Sanctuary. The most popular, the most beautiful and the longest (approx. 184 km) is the Bicycle Trail of the Eagles' Nests. It is also one of the oldest Polish tourist trails. It runs through the Silesian and Małopolskie Voivodships, connecting Częstochowa with Kraków. However, in the Jura there are many other smaller routes and trails that will also allow less experienced cyclists to get to know this area from the saddle perspective.

The Pyrenees and the valley from Lourdes to Gavarnie are the highlights of any road bike holiday. Magnificent mountain passes attract many cyclists from all over the world who come to enjoy the rewarding challenge and overcome their limits on steep slopes. The Tour de France and other events such as La Haute Route, La Marmotte and La Pyrénéenne are among the unique events you can experience on these roads! Several road bike routes have been designed for all skill levels, from great mountain passes to quieter roads, from the foothills to the mountains. If you are addicted to adrenaline, I recommend, of course, the descent from the Pic du Jer hill in Lourdes, France. Rocks, trees, sharp turns, jumps and steep descents. Such riding, of course, requires protective gear and the right bikes.

Caminho para o Altar do Mundo - Coimbra-Fátima is a route dedicated to all those who make the pilgrimage to Fatima by bike. From Coimbra to Fátima, the road is on asphalt, so we advise you to use a road bike. It is quite a long journey, but for experienced cyclists it is possible to cover it in less than 24 hours.

A trip along the Adriatic coastline in the vicinity of Loreto, or maybe a tourist trip to the Sanctuary through the streets of this picturesque place in Italy? Increasingly, tourists choose a bike to explore the Loreto area, so the route network is constantly expanding, offering more and more opportunities.

Einsiedeln is a wonderful contrast to the bustling city of Zurich. A trip to Einsiedeln shows how amazingly beautiful landscapes are in the vicinity of the city. Views of the Glarus Alps, central Switzerland and the Bernese Oberland. A refreshing dip in the Türlersee on the way, the moorland near Rothenthurm and the vast plateau around the Sihlsee. All this will make you feel like in a fairy tale.

Or maybe a Bavarian cycling holiday? Of course. Altötting will be a great base for one of the routes. Thanks to this - you will keep fit, get to know the area better and you will be able to meet many interesting people on your way. Gently along the riverbank, through rolling hills, or up and down mountain trails for the more adventurous.

Bicycle routes entwine the cities and regions of the Shrines of Europe, and while riding you can fully absorb the landscapes, monuments, and the smell of the surrounding nature. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than the blue sky, the wind in your hair and the freedom you only feel when you are riding a bike! The choice is huge. There is nothing else to do but get on the bike and ride, ride, ride…

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